I began writing as a freshman in college. It started off with poetry, music, and simple journal writings to express my feelings. It was an outlet that allowed me to express my thoughts and to allow my imagination to run free. I've always been a visionary; one who always seen success in my mind way before the manifestation ever takes place. I live by the saying, "You have to see it before you see it, or you will NEVER see it."

My first novel, The Black Athlete, is a compelling Urban Fiction story that clearly depicts the mindset of inner city youth who play sports and have dreams of making it to the professional ranks. It reveals not only the common mindset of our youth, but shows the challenges as well. The Black Athlete takes the reader on a realistic journey into the minds and dreams of many youth in our country; youth who are not aware of the barriers and obstacles in their paths.  They are unaware of the statistics, probabilities, and odds stacked against them. But how could they know? They're not statisticians, mathematicians or odds makers. They are Just kids, trying to make it.

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John D. White

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2017 Book Awards Recipient​

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